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  • organic garlic seeds Bend, Oregon
  • Organic garlic seeds Bend, Oregon
  • organic garlic seeds Bend, Oregon

The Farm

Farming in one of the fertile canyons of northern Deschutes County, Deschutes Canyon Garlic specializes in growing unique and flavorful varieties of certified organic seed garlic. We strive to produce seed garlic of exceptional quality, meticulously grading our harvest to ensure our customers will grow beautiful, vigorous garlic in their gardens and on their farms. The arid climate and sandy loam soils of Central Oregon's high desert are uniquely suited to growing clean, disease-free, seed quality garlic. Our garlic farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth, and we are devoted to building fertility on the farm through the practices of cover cropping, compost application and crop rotation. Growing garlic is our passion and we hope it's yours too!

Seed Garlic

We are dedicated to providing you with premium quality seed garlic. To meet our standards for seed grade, bulbs must be large, firm and disease free. Growing garlic free from disease is our top priority! To ensure this we use a five year crop rotation on the farm, and acquired seed stock exclusively from reputable growers. Each harvest we send samples to the Oregon State University Plant Disease Clinic for testing to ensure our seed garlic is free of disease.   

Culinary Garlic

The same great varieties we grow for seed are available as culinary grade for you to enjoy in your home cooking. These bulbs are clean and firm, just a little smaller than our seed grade bulbs. Chefs can contact us via email to learn about bulk buying options.

Bend, Oregon garlic seeds

Certified Organic